Explanation of activities for “Improving Tecnikea”

RC4VETs, online meeting

On Friday 26th February 2021, Conecta Software has participated in an online meeting with CIFP César Manrique, Poklicni center Obala and DIEK of Glyfada. The idea has been to provide an explanation of activities for “Improving Tecnikea” challenge.

online meeting conecta software

Cristina Szell and Santiago Ortega represented the company provider of the challenge during the meeting. They are Conecta Software COO and Conecta Software Web Developer respectively. Both gave a detailed explanation of the activities to do to solve “Improving Tecnikea”. These activities are necessary to do in order to resolve this challenge. It will be the first challenge of the Erasmus+ project “Real Challanges for Vocational Educational Students”.

Six students and two teachers of CIFP César Manrique, two students and one instructor of DIEK Glyfada and other two students and one teacher of Poklicni Center Obala  have participated in the meeting.

Students and teachers of Vocational Training Institutes have discussed every activity with Conecta Software staff. In addition to this, meeting participants have known the tools to use.

CIFP cesar manrique, RC4VETs Explanation of activities for “Improving Tecnikea”

You can read more about this challenge on the previous entry.

Looking forward for the next meeting, that will be held very soon!


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