Report challenge #10 Culinary Connections: Crafting an Integrated Marketing Strategy for HECANSA

📢 Breaking news! We’ve just released the final report for a remarkable challenge within the “Real Challenges for VET Students” – RC4VETS project. 🌟

Our students from six vocational training centers had the incredible opportunity to work on activities proposed by HECANSA. The result? An integrated marketing strategy that’s nothing short of amazing. 🚀

🍽️ Culinary Connections: They’ve crafted a delightful array of recipes from our partner countries that can be seamlessly included in the restaurant’s menu. Food, after all, is a universal language that brings people together.

📣 Marketing Marvel: They’ve designed a marketing campaign that spans different events, giving HECANSA a fresh and engaging approach to reach its audience.

🔍 Competitor Analysis: Their insights have provided a training-oriented perspective on HECANSA’s competitive landscape, equipping them for future success.

🎨 Identity Unveiled: Last but not least, they’ve meticulously put together a corporate identity manual, creating a strong foundation for HECANSA’s branding.

The dedication and creativity of our students shine through this report. Dive into the details and discover the fantastic work they’ve done. Let’s celebrate their achievements together! 📚💡

Read the Full Report on Medium

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