Report challenge #11 Take the cake to the Moon

🌟 We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest achievement! 📚 The final report from the “Take the Cake to the Moon” challenge, a part of the “Real Challenges for VET Students” – RC4VETS project, is now available on Medium. 🌐

In this unique challenge, students from six vocational training centers had the exceptional opportunity to collaborate on activities proposed by the Bulgarian company “Cafe and Confectionary Julina.” 🍰

Here’s a sneak peek at the incredible projects our talented students have been working on:

🎂 Conducting Research: They’ve delved into the world of cake packaging, both standard and non-standard, and successfully identified the two most suitable packaging types for Julina—lightweight, cost-effective, and transparent.

🌐 Website Development: Their proposals and strategies for an engaging website have the potential to take Julina’s online presence to new heights.

📣 Marketing Campaigns: Our students have brainstormed innovative marketing campaigns, communication channels, and promotional approaches to reach clients effectively.

🥧 Healthy Menu: They’ve put together a range of proposals for a healthy menu, complete with recipes for cakes, candies, biscuits, and savory snacks. These recipes cater to a variety of dietary requirements, including allergies, lactose and glucose intolerance, diabetic-friendly options, vegan recipes, vegetable-based cakes, and recipes for those on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This report is a testament to the remarkable creativity, innovation, and dedication of our students and partners. It showcases the incredible solutions they’ve crafted to meet real-world challenges. 🤝🌟

We invite you to explore the full report on Medium, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of ideas and strategies put forward by our students. It’s a celebration of learning, collaboration, and effective problem-solving. 📖💡

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