Upgrading the progress of the project RC4VETS

RC4VETs challenge meeting

Yesterday (17th March) the RC4VETs partners had an online meeting for upgrading the progress of the project. Moreover, they discussed about the challenge which started yet, and the ones that will start soon. 

RC4VET Meeting Challenges


During the meeting, CIFP César Manrique showed how the active challenge (Improving Tecnikea) is going and inform the partners about some news. Then, two partners (in particular SubMeet and Proandi) proposed the ideas of two more challenges. All the attendees like the proposals. Challenge provided by Proandi will start as soon as possible. The challenge given by Submeet will be worked on next September.

meeting online rc4vets

In order to start to work on the challenge proposed by Proandi, all the participants of the meeting will meet again next week where the company Casa Paivense is going to explain in deep the activities to do.

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