RC4VETS in Vključevanje, inkluzivnost in pravičnost v vzgoji in izobraževanju

Partner PCO has been presenting RC4VETs project in the conference Vključevanje, inkluzivnost in pravičnost v vzgoji in izobraževanju (in English: Inclusion, inclusivity and justice in upbringing and education). This conferences has been celebrated on 27th and 28th September 2022 in Torek (Slovenia) The speech was included in the group:  Fizično učno okolje  in english: Physical learning environment

The presentation was the first and the ONLY which has included ADULT EDUCATION

Partner PCO has been presenting the project in one of the four paths – four areas of inclusive learning environment and education for justice // mine was https://vip2022.zrss.si/razpored-primerov-dobrih-praks-po-tematskih-stezah/:

2. Physical learning environment: represents that aspect of the learning environment that concerns the architecture, equipment of institutions and classes/groups, surroundings, orderliness, thoughtful selection of colors, arrangement, seating order or the possibility of flexible adjustments, cleanliness, noise level, temperature, lighting… Good practices in the field of the physical learning environment can include, among other things, structured descriptions of practices such as, for example:

the equipment of the educational institution, which provides a sense of security and encouragement for research, learning and socializing, but also for rest and regeneration for all stakeholders, taking into account the different needs of the participants;


You can find the Agenda of the four paths and where RC4VETS was presented.

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