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casa paivense challenge

On February 19, Proandi makes an internal meeting in order to discuss about RC4VETs transnational project “Real Challenges for VET students”. This consisted of a first presentation of the project to the group of Cooking and Pastry Technicians who will work on this challenge.

zoom meeting challenge


The main objective of this challenge is to define a business plan for restaurant “Casa Paivense”. The plan should take into account the principles of, among others, the principles of sustainability, the reduction of food waste, maximization of profits, quality of service or possible changes to the layout of the space. Moreover, the trainees will integrate this project with the discipline of “Cost Control in Catering”. In accordance with this, they will acquire new personal skills that will allow them to further develop their autonomy and ability to respond to problems in a professional context. Finally, we also want to motivate our trainees for their integration in transnational projects so that they can also live the Erasmus experience.

Proandi meeting zoom

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