Our “Take the cake to the Moon” challenge brought the students together to work on the assignments on the second day as well. Divided into teams, participants from DIEK Glyfadas, AEG “Geo Milev” – Ruse, BRCCI, Submeet Association and CIFP Cesar Manrique discussed which are the most suitable social media channels that Yulina’s confectionary and candy shop can use in the future, in what types of packaging they can offer its sweet delights and salty snacks, and how to rebrand the company. Culinary specialists from Proandi Consultores Associados Lda and PCO presented a variety of healthy recipes for cakes, muffins, saltines and vegan pancakes.

In the next days, working it teams the students will summarize the final strategy that is suitable for the company to be competitive on the regional market, to communicate better with the customers, to get a new vision and to expand its assortment of cakes, salty and sweet delicacies.


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