First day of LTTA in Tenerife

Today has started the first day of the learning teaching and training activity (LTTA) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife under the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Real Challenges for VET students”. CIFP César Manrique has welcomed all the participants from Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Bulgaria. Afterwards the welcome given by Mr. Jorge Rivero (Principal), Ms. Laura Benitez (Head of deputy) and Eduardo Del Reguero and Héctor Barrios (Coordinators of the project) participants were given a remarkable facility walking tour by CIFP César Manrique. All participants have divided in small, international and multidisciplinary teams to work on the different activities to solve the proposed challenge by Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz. Teachers and students could getting to know each other and socializing during the lunch at CIFP César Manrique cafeteria.

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