RC4VETS online coordinating meeting

Reconnecting activities after summer

Today we have celebrated an online coordinating meeting after the summer. We are back with full batteries. This academic year is the last one of the project and we are going to manage 3 LLTAs (managed by PCO, DIEK Glyfada and CIFP César Manrique) and 2 TPM (hosted by CIFP César Manrique and Proandi). We hope to work with 6 new challenges. It is going to be interesting how to our students solve the real situations, problems and activities of companies.

D’Gostar challenge meeting: marketing, video and new web

On last 27th January, we have celebrated a new D’Gostar challenge meeting to discuss about activities related to: marketing, video and new web.  PCO, Proandi and CIFP César Manrique students and teachers have showed the products generated and discussed regarding the content (images and texts) for the new Web for D’Gostar restaurants. In addition to this, the designed posts for Instagram marketing compaign have been showed.

Starting the academic course with RC4VETS

Starting a new academic course for RC4VETS

After this summer, partnership has celebrated a meeting for the starting the new academic course for RC4VETS project. The starting point are the agreements of the last meeting before summer holidays.

Partnership has agreed to:

  • the next transnational meeting to be held in Greece, a new dates in the 20nd and 21st of October
  • the set up of the first learning teaching and training activity (LTTA) in Portugal in the week of the 8th of November
  • have an initial meeting with coordinators of partners to explain the challenge that will be manage by Submeet on 20nd of September at 15:00 (CET)

New academic course for RC4VETS

  • Because the next academic course is just starting or going to start for partners and the date for the LTTA in Póvoa de Varzim is close, Eduardo, Héctor (CIFP César Manrique) and Ana (Proandi) continue this meeting to discuss the organisation of the LTTA.

Proandi and CIFP César Manrique meeting for the next LTTA

    • Start the first activity for the LTTA on 8th Nov (Monday) during the evening/afternoon
    • Last activity of the LTTA on 12th Nov (Friday) during morning

    • 9th, , 10th and 11th Nov

      • visiting the Restaurante Casa Paivense.

      • Visiting other company similar in the area

      • show the results of students to solve the challenge

      • visiting the Proandi installations

      • pending to complete other activities

    • Participants are going to get Europass Supplement of Mobility.

    • Ana is going to provide information about accommodation, transport,….